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2019, March the 13th

Fonds French Tech Seed : le consortium Pouss@LYS labellise 6 startups DeepTech dont 4 projets de PULSALYS
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2019, February the 27th

Our last review on drug repurposing approaches for the treatment of influenza viral infection has been accepted in Frontiers in Immunology.

2019, February the 15th

Results from our collaboration with ICBMS/GEMBAS on SPRi-based hemagglutinin quantitative assay for influenza vaccine production monitoring have been published in Vaccine.

We hereby report an imaging surface plasmon resonance (SPRi) assay for the quantification of both inactivated vaccine influenza antigens and viral particles derived from egg- and cell-based production samples, respectively.

2019, February the 4th

Our publication on the repurposing of Diltiazem as an innovative host targeted influenza inhibitor has been published in Frontiers in Immunology.

Licensed to Signia Therapeutics, Diltiazem is currently evaluated in a phase II clinical trial for the treatment of patients with severe influenza infections in intensive care units (FLUNEXT TRIAL PHRC identifier NCT03212716).

2019, January the 23th

Our pubilcation in Journal of virolgy concerning the functional interactions of cellular p53 and CPSF4 factors with NS1 and their impact on Influenza A virus replication.

2019, January the 23th

Results from our collaboration ANR project OPTIVAC have been published in NPJ Vaccines.

2019, January the 23th

Signia Therapeutics is highlighted in the innovation newsletter of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), as an innovative start-up working on drug repurposing to counteract respiratory infections.

2019, January the 18th

Andrés Pizzorno' article "Fighting the damocles sword of infectious diseases through drug repurposing" was published in European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR).

Fighting the damocles sword of infectious diseases through drug repurposing.
This article is taken from European Biopharmaceutical Review January 2019, pages 82-85. © Samedan Ltd
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