Joint laboratory between VirPath and Produit Sanitaire Aéronef (PSA) SME (Labcom ANR program)

Research and development of biocides for the control of microbiological hazards

BIOVIRSAFE is a public-private joint laboratory created through a 3-year LabCom grant from the French National Research Agency (ANR), with the purpose to foster collaboration and partnership between research organizations and SMEs or intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI).


BIOVIRSAFE is engaged in the control of contamination with different levels of constraints and requirements, notably in two major Public Health issues: i) the protection of travellers’ health by limiting the emergence and worldwide dissemination of emerging diseases, and ii) the minimization of nosocomial infections. The joint laboratory will develop new biocidal formulations for surface disinfection and evaluate their potential for high level decontamination by immersion and/or spray in both the aeronautic industry and the medical sector. The second aim of the BIOVIRSAFE LabCom is to offer a new optimized microbiocidal system for airborne disinfection in confined spaces and to develop air decontamination protocols for the industrial/medical sector.

The purpose of Labcom program is to encourage research actors to create new structured partnerships through the creation of "Joint Laboratories" between a SME or an ETI (intermediate-sized enterprise) and a research laboratory. A Joint Laboratory is defined by the signing of a contract defining its operation, including:

  • A common governance,
  • A roadmap for research and innovation activities,
  • Resources to operate the roadmap,
  • A strategy to ensure the value creation from the research activities.

Activities funded by the programme will focus on the construction stage of the Joint Laboratory and initial research operations.

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