2018, July the 6th

Co-infection: when whole can be greater than the sum.

2018, June the 27th

Achievement of the first phase of the EU H2020 SME funding instrument.

Very proud to announce that Signia Therapeutics successfully achieved the first phase of the EU H2020 SME funding instrument, for its innovative drug discovery Platform allowing rapid identification and validation of antimicrobial applications in available pharmaceutical resources and drugs open for repurposing. This recognition completes the Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Commission, as the institution managing the H2020 EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation

2018, June the 12th

US, CAN and EP publications of our International Patent Application (US 20180042937 – CN 107743402- EP 3270968) on the repurposing of the calcium modulator DILTIAZEM for the use thereof in preventing and/or treating infections by influenza viruses.

A multicentre phase 2 clinical trial started last winter to assess the effect of DILTIAZEM in combination with standard antiviral Tamiflu® for the treatment of severe influenza infections (FLUNEXT - identifier NCT03212716).

Signia Therapeutics acquired the full exclusive international rights for the repurposing of DILTIAZEM as an innovative inhibitor of influenza viruses.

2018, June the 4th

BIO 2018 - Boston

Signia Therapeutics will have several activities during the BIO 2018 that will be held in Boston from June 4 to June 7 2018. As the world’s largest biotechnology event, the BIO International Convention provides several specialized opportunities geared towards start-up and emerging companies. Signia Therapeutics has been selected to present during the Start-Up Stadium which is designed to provide start-up companies with the opportunity to engage key members of the investment community, venture philanthropy groups, and BIO attendees. The presentation will be on June 6 at 12:00. The company will also be present in the French Pavilion as a member of Lyon BioPôle, the 2nd largest Bio-Cluster in France. Finally, Michel Cousineau, the President of Signia Therapeutics, will take part to the Partnering Forum to engage discussions with potential partners.

2018, May the 29th

Publication of our International Patent Application (WO2018/073549) concerning the repurposing of marketed drugs to treat infections by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).


Signia Therapeutics acquired the full exclusive international rights for this patent.

2018, May the 14th

Signia Therapeutics has been selected to present and participate at the 21st edition of the Venture 5i which will be held on May 30 and 31 at the Grenoble World Trade Center. The presentation will be on May 30 at 18:15 in front of the investors and the company will participate to the One2One meetings with the investors on May 31 in the morning.


The Venture 5i is a business meeting on invitation only. The goal of the conference is to identify top 20+ high-growth regional companies and introduce them to key European investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.

2018, April the 27th

Our publication presenting the novel avian DuckCelt-T17® cell line for influenza virus production has been selected for a special issue in Vaccine (Vaccine Technology VI: Innovative and integrated approaches in vaccine development). 

This special issue of Vaccine contains a series of papers representative of the topics discussed at the Vaccine Technology VI conference. Fourteen selected papers highlight the new tendencies for vaccine technology development, including new formats, continuous processing, quality by design and design of experiments, as well as robust processes and highly characterized vaccines. They give a flavor of what to expect at the upcoming Vaccine Technology VIIth conference[i21], to be held in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, in June 2018.

2018, April the 27th

Signia Therapeutics has been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the EU H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

2018, March the 26th



A method for producing egg-based influenza vaccine seeds with higher virus surface density of HA-NA antigens, characterized in that they comprise a modified PB1 gene that leads to up-regulated expression of viral glycoprotein mRNAs. (Granted patents in US, JP, CHI and FR)

2018, February the 22nd

2018, February the 22nd

Dr Guy Boivin (Canada Research Chair in New Viruses and Antiviral Resistance, Centre de Recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval) and Dr Manuel Rosa-Calatrava (Deputy director of the VirPath laboratory) conduct a joint research program since 2011. This partnership led recently to significant achievements in the development of new broad spectrum antiviral drugs.

2018, February the 7th

VirPath and VirHealth announce the continuation of their research partnership in the field of microbiological disinfection.

VirPath and VirHealth are pleased to announce the extension of their research partnership for another 2 years. In the current context of a strong technological development in the field of disinfection, this collaboration aims to continue to innovate in the development of specific test protocols. In this dynamic, the partners have already developed a unique expertise in carrying out tests based on complex multi-organism and multi-pollutant organic deposits and mimicking in the laboratory contaminated surfaces characteristic of technical and specific environments (medical, breeding and agribusiness). The VirPath laboratory and VirHealth will continue and accelerate their research programs to better meet management and control issues of microbiological contamination for a better protection of people, animals and environments.

2018, January the 25th

Virpath on TV news on "France 3 Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes" channel.

A TV coverage with a live interview about a new phase II clinical trial in Lyon: repurposing an already marketed drug as a novel Flu treatment. 

2018, January the 22nd

Signia Therapeutics announces the achievement of key licensing and phase 2 clinical trial milestones.

Signia Therapeutics has completed a major licence agreement with the Université Claude Bernard of Lyon (UCBL) and the Université Laval of Québec to obtain full exclusive international rights for three patents comprising eight repurposed marketed drugs as new antivirals against influenza viruses or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (WO2016146836; PCT/EP2017/058009; PCT/FR2017/052889).

Signia Therapeutics is also pleased to announce a further validation of its development strategy through the start of a multicentre phase 2 clinical trial to assess the effect of the repurposed calcium modulator diltiazem (Tildiem®) in combination with standard antiviral oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) for the treatment of severe influenza infections (FLUNEXT TRIAL PHRC #15-0442 - identifier NCT03212716).


These key milestones confirm the strength and advancement of Signia Therapeutics’ strategy, proprietary drug discovery platform, and growth plan.

2017, November the 27th

Focus on Signia Therapeutics, a breakthrough strategy against respiratory viruses.

Signia Therapeutics proposes an innovative and versatile platform for antiviral drug discovery and repositioning.  Signia Therapeutic’s drug discovery platform has demonstrated its significant potential with proofs-of-concept already established for several FDA-approved drugs that were validated for new anti-influenza and anti-MERS-CoV indications. Ongoing programs are currently conducted and dedicated to the selection and validation of new broad-spectrum antiviral compounds against human respiratory syncytial virus, human metapneumovirus and human coronaviruses.  

From the left to the right : Dr Guy Boivin (Canada Research Chair on Influenza Viruses and Other Respiratory Viruses), Dr Olivier Terrier (Researcher CNRS VirPath), Michel Cousineau (CEO of Signia Therapeutics), Dr Manuel Rosa-Calatrava (Research Director INSERM and Deputy Director of VirPath) et Dr Andrés Pizzorno (Researcher, VirPath).

Research programs whose results led to the creation of Signia Therapeutics, were conducted jointly with Dr Guy Boivin’ team at Québec (Université Laval/CRI/CHU Québec) with the support of funding from the National Research Agency, INSERM, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Université of Laval and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region. 

2017, July the 6th

Very proud to announce that Signia Therapeutics is laureate of the i-lab 2017 award from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and BpiFrance.

Many thanks to the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, its subsidiaries Lyon Ingénierie Projets and EZUS Lyon 1, the Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and DGOS/INSERM for their strong supports on our research programs.


Signia Therapeutics is a spin-off of Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, that proposes a breakthrough strategy for the repurposing of marketed drugs as new broad Spectrum antiviral compounds. Signia Therapeutics develops an innovative and versatile platform for antiviral drug discovery and repurposing based on globally targeting the host cell instead of specific viral molecular determinants. This novel proprietary development strategy has already a proven track record and is based on a solid set of proofs of concept.

The Company’s strategy is well adapted to the pathogenesis of respiratory acute infections and provides a novel approach for the identification of broad-spectrum effective antivirals. The innovative strategy and proprietary platform will offer the minimization of drug resistance, with significant regulatory and financial benefits compared to the time-consuming and costly process of classical de novo molecule development.

Pr. Frédérique Vidal, Secretary of French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, congratulated the i-lab 2017 laureates and also reminded that the innovation was the key of the growth, the competitiveness and the employment.

2017, June the 21st

The Foreign Post-doctoral Researcher 2017 « Grand Prix » of the « les Amis de l’Université de Lyon » association (AAUL) was awarded to Dr. Andrés Pizzorno for his work on respiratory viruses and his contribution to the development of novel antiviral drugs.

The AAUL jury has particularly congratulated Dr Andrés Pizzorno for his valorization and technologic transfer activities within VirPath laboratory. The AAUL is an association founded in 1889 which promotes the diversity and excellence of education and research programs driven by the University of Lyon. This AAUL award highlights a foreign post-doctoral researcher who has completed at least six months within a laboratory of the University of Lyon working on global health and society or sustainable development.

Prix AAUL -Lauréats 2017.pdf
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Credits: Vincent Moncorgé

2017, April the 4th

Press release : « VirPath et VetAgro Sup, un partenariat de recherche en santé humaine et animale combiné à une offre académique de recherche unique en France »

Since April 2016, VirPath laboratory (CIRI-INSERM/CNRS/ENS/UCBL) and Institut Claude Bourgelat (VetAgro Sup) have worked together and set up ferret model of influenza infections in order to evaluate new vaccine candidates.


Press release, 2017 April 4th.pdf
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