VirexpR is specialized in microbiology and virology applied to indoor air quality. VirexpR offers technology, advice and expertise dedicated to the control of airborne contamination in confined environments, based on a continuum of i) in situ diagnostics, ii) experiments in BSL3 facility, iii) modeling and simulation of air flows and contamination, with the aim of providing specific support for the optimal deployment of countermeasures adapted to targeted environments, such as establishment open to the public (transport, nursery, care home, hospital, etc.) and cleanrooms (pharmaceutical industry, operating room, etc.).

VirexpR has developed know-how, tools and methodologies allowing the experimental evaluation in large volume test benches of technologies and devices for air treatment and analysis in atmospheres contaminated by infectious pathogens, mimicking the real conditions of their use in situ. The integration of a fluid mechanics approach by 3D space modeling (CAD) and simulation (CFD) makes it possible to guide experimental procedures in the laboratory, to extrapolate the results to propose modes of deployment of specific countermeasures to real environments.